Whiskey House Blend 1 Review

    Bourbon Trapper House Blend No.1

    Bourbon Trapper House Blend 1 Bourbon Whiskey Review
    After putting quite a bit of thought of which whiskies would get blended for the first Bourbon Trapper House Blend, we came up with Henry McKenna 10 year and Old Grand Dad 114 which was mixed equal parts. All there is to say is wow!  For the first house blend we nailed it on the head!
    Henry McKenna 10 Year because of the sweet creamy mouthfeel with lots of caramel, vanilla, and oak. The mash bill is a low rye and also wanted something relatively higher proof (100 proof).  Old Grand Dad 114 specifically for it’s high rye mash bill 63% Corn, 27% Rye, 10% Malted Barley, and it’s high proof (114 proof).

    The Review:

    Distiller: Jim Beam (Old Grand Dad 114) and Heaven Hill (Henry McKenna 10)
    Age: 10 years (Henry McKenna 10 Year) (Old Grand Dad 114: NAS)
    ABV: 53.5% (107 proof)
    Price: $50-$55 (combined)
    The nose will definitely liven your senses. You’re hit with dark fruit, cinnamon, brown sugar, and spice from the rye. There is some heavy caramel, vanilla, a decent amount of oak, and just a bit of alcohol burn.
    This was the most surprising aspect of the House Blend. If you were blindfolded, you could guess your were drinking Booker’s. Vanilla, caramel, and seasoned oak take the stage, but are nicely balanced by rye spice. There is a fair amount of smokiness that brings everything together almost perfectly. There is just the right amount of oak, smokiness, sweetness, and spice that make this flavor one of a kind.
    The finish is medium to long, with the flavors of dark fruit, brown sugar and rye spice lingering with some leather and oak on the back end.
    The uniqueness of this House Blend really surprised me, especially blending two mid-level shelf bourbons. Having paid just over $50 for both bottles, and being able to fill the decanter twice, it made the value pretty high. I did not expect the end result to be this great, this is a House Blend I will have in my whiskey decanter for friends and family to enjoy anytime.




    VIACasey Buckley
    SOURCEBourbon Trapper


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