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Do you ever think of taking two or three mid-low shelf whiskies and blending them to come up with an awesome whiskey that has flavor profiles you dream of in your sleep and call it your House Blend? Well we do! We don't take whiskey and blend it with other whiskey because we think certain brand or bottle tastes bad, or because we didn't like a certain whiskey. Actually quite the opposite! We blend whiskey that we like and that have a mid-low level price point to come up with a flavor profile all on its own, plus you get to put it in and awesome looking whiskey decanter and call it your House Blend. Sometimes you want a certain flavor profile from a whiskey but aren't sure exactly what whiskey to buy, that's where the Bourbon Trapper House Blend's come in. We blend different Whiskey into a decanter and review it based on what flavor profile we were imagining at the time, and how the overall blend smells, tastes, and finishes, just like any of our other reviews. Check out our Buy Awesome Stuff for Your Whiskey shop to buy a whiskey decanter and make some House Blends of your own.

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