Bourbon Trapper House Blend 2 Whiskey Review

    Bourbon Trapper House Blends are a neat and fun way to have your own unique bourbon or whiskey that you can call your House Blend by blending a couple different types of whiskey together and showing it in a whiskey decanter. This has been a hit for me when guests come over, they always ask, “What’s inside the decanter?” It’s a great talking point as people become interested in what whiskeys were used and why those types of whiskey were picked to blend. As you put a lot of thought into what your House Blend is going consist of, there is a sense of pride while talking to guests about it. I love bourbon and whiskey, but I love how it brings people together even more.

    This is our second Bourbon Trapper House Blend and we chose Old Grand Dad 114 for it’s high proof, high rye, the dark bakery sweetness, dark fruit flavors, and the heavy baking spices. We also picked Old Forester Signature for it’s relatively high proof, high rye, and the rather fresh fruit flavors along with a more candy like sweetness. We blended these bourbons equal parts in a 750ml whiskey decanter. Our goal for Bourbon Trapper House Blend 2 was to pick whiskeys that compliment each other, yet still have some similar qualities. We also try choose whiskey that will not break the bank, and choose whiskey we love with certain qualities and characteristics that we seek out based on what end result we are trying to achieve.

    The Bourbon:
    -Old Grand Dad 114 has a dark henna color with a high rye mash bill of 63% Corn, 27% Rye, and 10% Malted Barley.
    – Old Forester Signature is medium-dark rose gold in color with a mash bill of 72% Corn, 18% Rye, and 10% Malted Barley.

    The Review:

    Distiller: (ODG 114) Jim Beam, (Old Forester Signature) Brown-Forman
    Age: NAS
    ABV: 53.5% (107 proof combined)
    Price: $48 total (Both Bottles Included)

    This blend has some heat on the nose. You’re hit with brown sugar, and sweet baking spices, followed by some citrus and caramel apples.

    These two whiskeys blended wonderfully, with a complex flavor of sweet fruits that shows off both bourbons high-rye qualities. In the mix is a dark candy-like butterscotch flavor with some cinnamon, vanilla and plenty of oak.

    A long full-bodied finish with quite a bit of cinnamon and baking spice. Towards the back of the finish expect that candy-like butterscotch to make a full return with a surprisingly decent amount of oak.

    The value on this Bourbon Trapper House Blend is really high, but you can expect that from most of the House Blends we do. You shouldn’t even break $50 for both bottles and if you liked the House Blend that much, you can refill the decanter a second time with the same bottles. As far as Old Grand Dad 114 and Old Forester Premium go, the value on each one of these bottles is fantastic. They are both full, complex, and keep you coming back for more at a price point well below what you might find something for that is double the price and half the quality.

    There was a rumor that Old Grand Dad 114 might be getting discontinued and people grabbed up every bottle they could find. So it may be harder to find at the moment in certain areas, but every time I stop at the liquor store it has been in stock, so I don’t think there is much to worry about for now.

    Our Verdict:
    Trap these bottles for your home bar, they wont disappoint or break the bank either.


    Overall Rating:


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